Working for Aurora’s Future, Together

We’ve come from all corners of the world to make Aurora our home. Here in Aurora we have built community, raised families, and lifted each other up in prosperity.

But for many of our neighbors, the Aurora we love is being pushed further and further out of reach. Rising costs, corrupt government, and irresponsible leadership have priced us out of our homes, overburdened our businesses, and silenced our voices.

It's time for a change. So, who is Alison Coombs?

A Proven Leader

At every step, Alison has fought for vulnerable communities, and has never wavered in her commitment to the community.

A Responsible Steward

As the city council rubber stamped unaffordable developments and displaced low-income and vulnerable residents, Alison stood up to city council to remind them of the burdens they were placing on the people of our city.

An Accountable Partner

Always ready to listen, Alison understands the importance of having everyone at the table when making decisions.

A Lifelong Coloradan

Born and raised in a working class family in Colorado, Alison knows first-hand how irresponsible growth makes it harder for people to afford life in our city.