Alison's Core Platform

Aurora's Ward V deserves a leader with principle. Luckily, there's one in our own backyard.

Alison has been advocating for over 15 years within the disability community, ensuring health, safety, and dignity through independence for adults and youth with a variety of disabilities. This work takes a unique combination of compassion, persistence, and collaboration that is essential for leading Aurora into the future.

Smart growth and development

  • Ensure a livable community: Reduce the environmental impact of increased growth - water conservation, open space protection, renewable energy use, traffic mitigation
  • Encourage multi-modal transport (bus routes, bike lanes, etc) options that are accessible and reliable for everyone in Aurora (where they go, low-income costs, etc)
  • Focus on in-fill and density development instead of increased sprawl. Good for the environment, good for community development, good for accessibility and civic engagement
  • Improve public health and safety including the outsized impacts of transportation, air quality problems, and oil and gas development, on low income communities and communities of color

A Values-Driven Campaign

Servant leadership means listening to what the community wants, approaching people who are struggling with an attitude of compassion, and working together to build a vision for Aurora’s future that includes all of our people.

Good stewardship of resources means the city’s resources should be spent on infrastructure, public safety, and environmental responsibility; not tax breaks that spend taxpayer dollars to benefit private profits

Inclusion and equitable access to government representation means people are informed about public meetings and the issues under discussion, and the city seeks out engagement from the community on issues impacting our residents.

Build an economy that works for all Aurorans

  • Affordable Housing options for working Auroran families and guaranteeing historic communities are never pushed out of Aurora as it grows.
  • Fight for living wage jobs that will help people stay in Aurora and encourage financial stability.
  • Job training through apprenticeship programs in partnership with Pickens Tech and our local unions
  • Community wealth building through public banking and investment in local and small businesses.

An accountable Aurora

Did you know Aurora currently has no conflict-of-interest regulations?

That means no rules prohibiting council members from voting on issues when they would benefit financially from the outcome of a vote.

Alison will work to change that.

A People-First Government

Alison will work to establish a civic engagement commission to ensure all Aurorans understand what their government is doing, how citizens will be impacted by legislation, and guarantee that Aurorans will always have a voice during the legislative process.

In addition, Alison will work to encourage Better, more frequent public reporting on government and campaign expenditures and better enforcement of campaign laws.